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March thru May 2021 - Ada and the Engine at The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol

Ashleigh is humbled and honored to have accepted the role of Ada Byron Lovelace in the Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol's production of Ada and the Engine, opening April 9th and closing May 8th. Tickets can be found here.

Photo below by Brian Sumner.

Director – Nathaniel Niemi

Music Director - Gary Powell

Scenic Designer - Kenneth Constant

Costume Designer – Monica Titus

Lighting Designer – Lindsey Young

Projections and Sound Designer - Nick Erickson

Properties Design – Jason Goedken

Stage Management – Grace Zottig and Stephanie Horn


Ada Byron Lovelace - Ashleigh Ann Gardner

Lady Anabella Byron/Mary Somerville - Danielle Bouloy

Charles Babbage - Donovan Oakleaf

Lord Lovelace - Nathaniel Niemi

Lord Byron - Alec Speers

Lord Lovelace/Lord Byron - Rakeem Lawrence


Gary Powell - Keyboard

Ryan Loeckel - Violin


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