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There was never a moment I wasn't moving forward.


Since developing a love for Shakespeare in 7th grade at a summer camp offered by Orlando Shakes (then The Orlando Shakespeare Festival), I've attempted to fill every part of my life with theatre — performance, playwriting, hair and makeup, prop fabrication, scenic painting and construction, and music composition. I was trained in Shakespearean performance and Linklater technique during my three consecutive years at Orlando Shakes' The Young Company. These three years instilled within me a drive to create. And not just create — explore.


In my writing, I seek to address questions of isolation, love, lust, jealousy, compassion, and the tangible effects these intangible concepts have on personal identity and relationships. My dramaturgy work for Orlando productions of Hamlet in 2012, George Bernard Shaw's Saint Joan in 2017, and Tom Stoppard's Arcadia in 2020 fed my love of research, and I continue to regularly research historical events and world cultures in my spare time. It is my belief that knowledge feeds understanding, and understanding feeds compassion. All three are essential for art and theatre to thrive.

To date, I've been an actor, a playwright, a dramaturge, a photographer, a director, a prop fabricator, a scenic painter, a composer and sound designer, a costume designer, and a stage manager. If it is asked of me, I stand at attention eagerly. My purpose as a theatre artist is to work with texts that examine what it is to be human; to portray characters that are endowed with strength, sight, and sincerity, whether inherent or learned; and to foster a nurturing and thriving community where performing artists may find bravery, safety, connection, and inspiration.


There is nothing in the world I love so much as theatre.

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