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Packages for community and professional theatre productions are available. If you're interested in having your production photographed, check out the information below and contact me to discuss rates and services.


Typically, rates look something like this:

  • Professional theatre brick-and-mortar houses (non-AEA and AEA): $300

  • Community theatre houses/shows without a permanent space: $200

*** Prices may be negotiable based upon your theatre's or production's budget. Let me know what you're looking for, and we can find a happy medium together! If you're working on a limited budget, I'd love to discuss options for your production. Contact me and I guarantee we can work something out.



Services include

  • Travel to theatre venue

  • 15 minute consultation with director, cast, and crew

  • full photographic coverage of the dress rehearsal performance

  • at least 100 high resolution images with a 1-week turn-around for edits. 


Directors have the opportunity to choose from the following:

  1. perimeter shots (photographer takes photos from perimeter of stage)  

  2. in-scene shots (photographer takes photos on the stage, avoiding actors and set pieces/props)

  3. both

(Please note that out of respect for performers, reviewers, and patrons,

I refrain from photographing public performances unless absolutely necessary.)

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