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September thru November 2021 - NOSFERATU at Renaissance Theatre

Ashleigh is honored to have been asked to be a scenic designer and painter for Renaissance Theatre Company's inaugural immersive theatre production, NOSFERATU. Her assigned room, The Courtyard, features a dreamy garden with a dark secret. A stone path paves the way for guests to safely experience romantic and frightening modern dance pieces. White castle walls covered with grime and frosted foliage surround a quaint glade of free-swinging cloth birch trees softly lit by flickering electric candles, and a thick wooden door separates audience members from a beast lurking behind the door's bolted lock.

Opening October 1st and closing November 6th, NOSFERATU, conceived and directed by Donald Rupe and Kathleen Wessel and choreographed by Kathleen Wessel and Adonus Mabry, is a truly immersive theatre experience with six completely different rooms inspired by vampire tales from the last 300 years.


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