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June 27, 2019 - Three Stories

Poster design by Ashleigh Ann Gardner.

An experiment of theatrical exquisite corpse staged at the Timucua Arts Foundation home just south of Downtown Orlando. Three unrelated stories are told, each with three characters, and each on a different level of the house. A fourth piece unites them.

Written by and conceived of with Ashleigh Ann Gardner, Bruce Ryan Costella, Rebekah Lane, Nicole Sirdoreus, Logan Donahoo, and Ricardo Soltero-Brown

With direction by Jeremy Seghers, Rebekah Lane, Kisheera Victrum, and Kevin Becker

Featuring Megan Raitano, Ashleigh Ann Gardner, Michael Geniac, Nicole Sirdoreus, Katrina Anne Soricelli, Mandy Longo, Alina Alcántara, Max Kelly, and Marcos Nobrega

Followed by a brief talkback with the creative team.


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